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Expert Android Development:

Leveraging the benefits of the most popular mobile platform.

When it comes to developing great applications and software for Android, it’s absolutely crucial that the right technology be used from the beginning. For that reason, Espresso Moon has made Android development an important part of our technological repertoire.

You already know that Android is one of the most popular mobile devices on the market. Right now, Android is hot when it comes to traditional smart phones, and it is constantly growing and changing in response to its top market rival, Apple.

When you use us, you can rest assured that you will be getting great software built with best practices in mind. We use all of the following technology and much more in bringing your vision to life and ensuring that it runs smoothly.

Core technologies & practices in Android development


You already know Java as one of the most established programming languages when it comes to developing dynamic content. On the Android platform, Java is faster and more secure than it is on many traditional desktop implementations, allowing us to unlock its full power.


Eclipse is a development environment that is used by the vast majority of Android developers. By using Eclipse, we can ensure that your Android application runs according to all of the latest standards and best practices in the fast-evolving world of the Android application.

Android Studio

Android Studio is an “up and coming” IDE that provides a wide variety of different features. It is emerging as a great alternative to Eclipse that is perfect for certain kinds of projects. We always centralize your project on the IDE that is correct for it!

Call Espresso Moon for true expertise in the world of Android

Whether you are looking for Android software development or want to work with an expert team to get your in-house professionals up to speed on Android programming, call or email us today.

We are always glad to help you reach your mobile objectives.

At Espresso Moon, we use only the most advanced techniques available for developing Android software. Discover more about our approach and tools.

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