Chinh Tran
Development Manager

Chinh Tran has more than twenty years of overall experience as a programmer and has been part of Espresso Moon since 2006. He is an expert in many software and technology functions, including custom software design and development. His expertise covers custom programming in a wide variety of desktop and server languages and platforms, mobile app development (iOS, Android and hybrid), Microsoft software development, web-based technologies, database design and administration, and much more.

He manages a team of expert developers who build and maintain all the custom software and mobile apps Espresso Moon delivers.
Chinh has the ability to quickly plan and develop software prototypes and demonstrations to initiate complex custom projects, as well the deep skills to personally design and develop custom applications and to oversee team members in implementing solutions.

Chinh drinks two cups of pure Arabica coffee every day served Vietnamese style, and he plays soccer every Sunday.

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