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Project Manager - Dwayne Bosse

New Project Manager Announced by Espresso Moon LLC

Dwayne Bosse will be taking the role of Project Manager. Dwayne has over 12 years operations and management experience. Dwayne studied at Sam Houston State University and the University of Houston.

Dwayne comes to Espresso Moon with diverse experience in sales, operations and technology.  Previous roles include Sales and Operation Director for Deep World Wide Web, a technology, business intelligence and marketing research company. He also is one of the Co-Founders of the former Abyss Research, a technology research company responsible for the search engine and Scout AR. Dwayne brings specializations in project management and organization, website design and development, customer support, competitive deep web analysis, and data management. He also pulls an excellent espresso.

Dwayne will be based out of our offices in Northwest Houston, Texas.

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