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Responsive Website Design:

Websites that go wherever your customers take them.

Use responsive mobile website development to reach your customers where they are

According to reports by the Pew Research Internet Project, about 58% of all adults in the United States were smart phone owners at the beginning of 2014. About 90% of all adults have a cell phone of some kind, and those who don’t have a smartphone are likely to upgrade eventually.

Smartphone use is widely distributed across different demographics, income categories, and geographies, so you can leverage mobile website development to raise your exposure to a wide variety of different potential customers.

Plus, more and more individuals throughout the U.S. are turning to their mobile platforms when it comes to their primary online connectivity. Mobile website development isn’t just limited to phones, but also encompasses tablets, laptops, and even future devices.

A responsive mobile website is critical to getting customers to take action

When you decide to create a great mobile website, you are giving your customers the chance to interface with your brand wherever and whenever they want — providing them with the kind of convenience, responsiveness, and interactivity that today’s consumers demand.

What makes a mobile website different from an ordinary site? One of the biggest differences is what developers call “responsiveness.” A responsive site adapts easily to the kind of hardware that it is being viewed on, providing a custom experience for each category of user.

A great mobile site will adapt itself seamlessly to look good on smart phones, tablets, and more. This includes not only the visual “look and feel” of the site, but also the way that it is interacted with on a touch screen versus a keyboard.

A mobile website from Espresso Moon gives your users a world class experience

When customers are surfing online using their mobile devices, they won’t struggle to interact with a site that doesn’t make it easy for them to get the information they want. It’s crucial that your site provide great visuals and an appropriate user interface across different device types.

This can raise engagement and lower cost-per-action significantly across target demographics.

At Espresso Moon, our team has collectively banked thousands of hours of development time on Android, Apple iOS, and other mobile platforms. Because of our breadth of experience, we know how to make your mobile website clean and effective.

We can build you a new site from the ground up or help you adapt your existing site.

Call or email us today to learn more and get started on your new mobile site.

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