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Mobile Apps and Mobile Responsive Websites:

Putting the future in the palm of your hand.

Ways you can use mobile to drive success:

  • Industrial commerce
  • Field operations
  • Remote data collection
  • Employee travel and time management
  • EHS compliance
  • Business process improvement
  • QEHS management
  • Remote inventory management

Espresso Moon designs mobile apps and mobile-responsive websites that solve marketing and operations challenges.

Did you know nearly two-thirds of online traffic now comes from mobile devices? That’s a powerful bit of intel if your target market is B2C, for obvious reasons. The majority of consumers decide where to eat or shop by doing web searches on their smart phones. They use mobile apps to tell them whether traffic is going to cooperate as they make dinner plans or drive to the mall. They find deals, recommendations and reviews in the palm of their hands, and share their experiences with their friends with the touch of a screen.

That’s why more and more companies are looking at mobile-responsive websites and mobile apps to help strengthen their connection to the marketplace.

Espresso Moon is a leading Houston developer of mobile apps and responsive websites for hungry businesses that want to reduce marketing costs and position themselves as market leaders. We’re experts in mobile-friendly, responsive websites that adapt to look good on any device. And we design powerful mobile iOS, Android and hybrid apps with full e-commerce built in. If you’re looking to expand your digital footprint, contact Espresso Moon today for a free, no-obligation consult on the mobile marketplace.

B2B and Industry

The power of mobile is not limited to the consumer market. Every day, technical professionals in major industries waste precious hours performing labor-intensive operations in plants and in the field that can easily be streamlined or even eliminated with mobile technology.

Field data can be collected, transmitted and put to use in seconds, from virtually anywhere in the world. Services can be routed and delivered more efficiently. B2B sales can be facilitated, inventories can be managed, and employee travel and billable time can be scheduled, documented and controlled more profitably. Perhaps most importantly, compliance with complex regulatory standards and quality mandates can be simplified and managed securely and cost-effectively, reducing risk and QEHS (Quality, Environmental, Health and Safety) costs dramatically.

Mobile technology is powering advances in industry, healthcare, oil and gas, commercial real estate, professional services, compliance, transportation and more. Nearly every industry is benefiting from being able to touch customers, employees and vendors where they are, when they need it. Let Espresso Moon show you how to put the future in the palm of your hand.

Apple iOS

iPhone and iPad apps that work for B2C and B2B.


The leading platform for mobile devices.

Hybrid apps

Combining elements of both native and web applications.

Let Espresso Moon put the future in the palm of your hand. Call today for a free, in-depth consult on the power of mobile technology.

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