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A Learning Management System (LMS for short) is an online software application designed to administer, deliver, track and report on completion of training or education programs. The idea has been around for a long time; in fact, correspondence courses, distance learning and telematic teaching are all early LMS examples. Today, however, the maturity of the web has removed virtually all the barriers from learning management and is enabling educators in every area to provide cost-effective education, training and certification products to all sorts of learners.

Neuhaus Academy

Neuhaus Education Center is a nationwide non-profit that provides training and support to educators and direct education services to parents and learners. Neuhaus Academy is their newly-updated academic LMS, designed to help adolescent and adult learners improve reading skills through simple online instruction tailored to specific learning needs. The words Neuhaus Academy teaches are found in academic textbooks, classical and business literature, and high-stakes tests such as ACT and SAT.

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The lessons, which include video tutorials, quizzes and study materials, teach meaning, pronunciation and spelling, as well as cultural knowledge to enrich critical thinking and comprehension. Teachers can use Neuhaus Academy for whole group, small group or individual instruction. The courses are free for learners, are customizable by instructors, and offer instructor or district-level permissions and controls. The learning management system includes an e-commerce system that takes both credit cards and PO/invoice payments for institutional administrators at the classroom or district level. Espresso Moon designed and programmed the entire system and provides managed hosting and maintenance.

Large Animal Consulting & Education

Online learning management systems are offering veterinarians simple, convenient platforms for accessing Continuing Education courses required to maintain licensure. The market offered almost nothing for the large, agricultural and exotic hoofstock market.
Large Animal Consulting & Education (LAC&E) developed a line of video courseware for large animal vets and engaged Espresso Moon to design and develop a custom LMS with full e-commerce and certificate capabilities. The courses are developed and delivered by a large animal veterinary professor at a major university, and are RACE-approved, meaning they meet the requirements for official accreditation. The LMS began generating revenue the day it was launched.

 Large Animal Consulting & Education


Corporate Learning Management Systems

Corporate learning management systems are ideal for employee training, especially in multi-site organizations. Online systems can be built that allow employees to access corporate trainings at their own pace, right from their desks. Costs associated with organizing and delivering classes, getting learners to the training environments, and managing training records, are virtually eliminated. LMS solutions can teach policy-related subjects, safety, compliance, personnel matters, technical subjects and any other material needed to maintain staff knowledge. They can also be used to power brand infusion programs and promote company values throughout your organization.

Learning Management System for You

LMS solutions can drive brand value in many ways: The impact on your training costs is obvious, as is the impact the training itself can have in making you more efficient. What’s not so obvious is the potential impact such systems can have on your brand equity. A brand supported by automated training is inherently more valuable, not only in terms of profitability, but in terms of the energy it can add to the business of fulfilling your brand promise.

You may already use learning management systems in your organization, or you may be just beginning to explore what online learning can do for your bottom line. Either way, Espresso Moon can help you design and implement a cost-efficient, competitive Learning Management System that meets your exact needs.

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