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Ways you can use mobile to drive success:

  • Industrial commerce
  • Field operations
  • Remote data collection
  • Employee travel and time management
  • EHS compliance
  • Business process improvement
  • QEHS management
  • Remote inventory management

Have A Mobile App Idea?

Do you know what platform to use? IOS, Android or Hybrid?

When it comes to custom mobile applications, we’ve got you covered. Whether you want to focus on a single platform or need a multi-platform approach, we can do it. Our Houston mobile app developer expertise covers the entire spectrum.

We’ll start by meeting with you and reviewing your ideas, your strategy, and what you want to accomplish. We’ll discuss your target audience and your marketing approach. We’ll work to understand your goals, and we’ll lay out a plan for delivering what you need. We’re based in Houston, our homes are in Houston, and this is where we do our work. We’re close by so we can meet in person, not over the phone.

Then we set to work with our design team, detailing a ‘blueprint,’ including a “wireframe,” that gives you a graphical look at your idea, allowing you to refine and finalize your goals and objectives. Finally, we dive into development and deliver the finest software you can find anywhere. We partner with you to build the software you need, complete beta testing, and see to it your app is successfully launched into the app stores.  


Conceptualizing your idea is the first step in arriving at your completed-app destination. We’ll work with you to develop your idea fully, considering the many unique characteristics of mobile apps such as minimizing keystroke count, anticipating user’s short attention spans, and including only necessary functionality. 

We’ll combine our knowledge with your ideas and guide you as you make decisions regarding applicable approaches and platforms. Whether you are looking for a single platform application such as Apple iOS or a cross platform configuration, we can handle it. Regardless of the approach, we are pros across all devices and systems. Our design and development teams are experts in Apple iOS, Android, and hybrid design and development.


Once you are satisfied with your strategy and approach, we put our designers to work detailing the ins and outs of your app. The software approach takes shape on paper, and you are there every step of the way. We’ll convert your original idea into a graphical presentation, including functional and technical specifications. The end of the design phase is the production of clear conceptualization of your ideas. The team will then have a clear picture of your app’s functionality including the app’s look, feel, and stylistic features.


Development and Delivery

Our goal is to execute a smooth and hassle-free development and delivery phase of app creation, right up to supplying your app to the app stores.  Whether you focus your interest on a single platform, such as Apple iOS, or a cross-platform application, our design and development teams are eager to work with you. We’ve worked with Houston companies of all sizes, large, medium, and small, and we give each client our top-level effort.  


Ongoing Maintenance and Support

Sometimes overlooked, app support and maintenance is an important part of providing a product for your customers that works smoothly day in and day out. To achieve this, we consider ongoing app support and maintenance to be a vital part of app design and development. And, that includes back-end server support.

Planning for upgrades, incorporating changes in technology, and providing a secure operating environment for your customers are all part of our commitment to deliver superior service to our customers.  Delivering the very best products available anywhere is what you can expect.

Apple iOS

iPhone and iPad apps that work for B2C and B2B.


The leading platform for mobile devices.

Hybrid apps

Combining elements of both native and web applications.

Let Espresso Moon put the future in the palm of your hand. Call today for a free, in-depth consult on the power of mobile technology.

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