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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) requirements change frequently and competition is getting more SEO savvy. Then add those who use deceptive tactics and “black hat” SEO to unfairly boost short-term rankings. Great SEO takes time, skill and vigilance. We have proven repeatedly that a strategy based in ethical SEO principles provides consistently higher rankings over time.

The following principles are core to ethical SEO:


Be Honest – Do not use tricks, hidden or cloaked content or other deceptive tactics to boost rankings.

Be Unique – Provide unique website content that is not copied from other sources or duplicated across domains.

Be Useful – Provide usable and high quality website content. Website content must providing useful information about special topics for desired audiences written correctly. Content should not be created only to satisfy the search engines.

Be Usable – Provide website content that is readable and not stuffed with redundant keywords and phrases. User pick up on this quickly and it makes content difficult to read.

Be Consistent – Be regular and consistent. Keep website content up to date and accurate. Blogs and social medial should be updated regularly to keep audiences engaged.

Be Social – Use social media to keep people informed about the organization, staff, products, services and other topics of interest. Watch for buzz around the organization and respond quick to positive and negative comments.

Be Watchful – Monitor social media for information related to your organization, clients, competitors and industry provides a wealth of intelligence. Use social media to identify topics that will make interesting blog posts or may be shared with your social audience.

Contact Espresso Moon for more information about our effective ethical SEO programs and other services to help your website perform well in Google and other search engines with hosting, web content creation, blogging services, social media management.

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