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Your website is like your online calling card – the digital face of your company. And research shows that more people now use the internet to find out more about a company than any other resource. That’s why there’s a good chance that you already have an online presence of some kind. But is it everything it should be?

The net has changed tremendously just over the last year, and it’s important that you take a look at your site to ensure it’s really doing everything for you that it should be. Here at Espresso Moon, we think that taking a look at a few key points can help you determine whether or not you need to design a new website.

6 Facts to Consider When You Design A New Website.

  1. Is it easy on the eyes? A good website is clean, simple, and attractive. Light backgrounds and dark text are generally easier for people to read than the opposite, and a good layout will ensure that visitors aren’t turned off by it.
  2. Is it easy to navigate? Not only should links to each section be clear and obvious, but you need to ensure that your visitors are able to quickly and easily access all the information they need. The first fundamental of good website design and website development is easy navigation.
  3. What’s your SEO like? Today’s search engines are highly sophisticated and it’s important that you don’t just assume that keyword stuffing is all you need to focus on. Instead, you need solid content and a good design to get the best results on SEO.
  4. What about local results? While the internet turns any business into a global one, it’s important not to ignore the fact that you need to pay careful attention to your local customers. A good focus on GEO-targeted searches is important.
  5. Are you mobile friendly? Certain older websites don’t translate well to the mobile world, and with more customers than ever utilizing their mobile devices to run searches it’s important that you make sure your website is as mobile friendly as possible.
  6. What do your metrics tell you? Some basic analytics can tell you things like the source of your visitors, your overall conversion rates, and more. This can tell you whether or not your site could be doing more for you.

We can help you get more from your site. From building a brand new one to helping tweak and change your existing one, our team is experienced in website design and website development and are ready to give you the best results possible from it. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you and your business.

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