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Strategic Design:

The magic dust that brings ideas to life.

Design connects management intention with business results.

Design isn’t decoration; it’s the process that translates your vision into reality. It considers where you are, what your resources are, where you want to go and who you want to serve. Architects design buildings. Engineers design infrastructure. Consultants design management systems. You get the idea.

Espresso Moon designs the digital future.

As the Digital Revolution unfolds, technology provides opportunities, not only to streamline processes (that’s the easy part), but to unify “The 7 Ps” around a central brand promise, so every part of your organization can move in harmony toward market leadership.

Espresso Moon’s hybrid approach to digital design is the path to achieving your brand goals. Our strategic design team integrates brand design, marketing and communication design with process automation, software design and UI design – integrating message, media and machinery to bring ideas to life.

So what does that mean, exactly?

Well, suppose you had an idea for automating your customer onboarding process so you could expand more rapidly into broader geographic regions. Your IT department could oversee development of a sweet app that did exactly that. Happens every day, right? Now suppose once that system was in place, your marketing department realized there was an opportunity to leap over the competition by making that new system available directly to customers online, and wanted not only to bolt it into your website, but also to create a funnel that drove customers there automatically. And once your operations people figured out what they had, they wanted to integrate the onboarding system into production, to cut inventory costs, reduce order processing time and customize user experience to each customer’s needs. That could all be done piecemeal as ideas popped up. But it would be a lot more efficient and more consistent with brand values if the C-suite approached the whole problem from a standpoint of brand experience.

See where this is going?

It’s going where the rest of the world is going. The digital future. Where every part of your operation is unified around your brand promise by a thoughtful approach to technology.

Brand design

Brand design is at the heart of all we do, driving our thinking as we develop custom software, mobile apps, websites or integrated communications. Because all these areas are either driven by your brand promise, serve to express that promise, or both.

Communication design

While digital trends make the news, it’s easy to forget the fundamentals that drive communication. The media mix is broader than ever, print is still alive and well, and integrated marketing serves all your stakeholders.

Digital design

Business apps, websites and custom software all need to look good, but they also have to do what they’re supposed to do. Our software architects, developers and UI/UX designers work seamlessly to deliver successful digital experiences.

So what do you say? Maybe it’s time to give Espresso Moon a call to talk about your digital future.

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