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Custom Server Application Development:

Serving up clearer data, strategic impact and more effective decisions.

Custom server application development

When it comes to custom software, your servers can have a huge strategic impact. With the right software, servers can provide your workforce with better functionality, clearer data, and the chance to make more effective decisions.

Whether you use IBM, Microsoft, or other kinds of servers, one thing is beyond contestation: Custom server applications are among the fastest way for you to yield more opportunities and better results from your hours on the job.

Our business acumen helps us to deliver server applications that make a real and lasting difference for you. We can develop server applications to help you with any kind of challenge or opportunity — whether it’s strategic or tactical.

We adapt to help you with any business problem

Communication and collaboration suites

Whether extending messaging suites such as IBM Domino or developing completely new applications from scratch, we’ll make it easy to keep your key stakeholders on the same page.

Server management and administration

Let us help you get better results from your servers by enhancing reliability and security. We take inspiration from IBM DB2 and a wide variety of other sources for our server management.

Data visualization and databases

We understand the best ways to collect and mine data — whether with relational or non-relational databases. We can help your key decision makers cut through the clutter and blaze new trails. That’s only a small sample of our expertise! We adapt fully to your business situation.

Let our server scripting experts create better business tools for you

The very first time your business implements its own server — whether it’s for mail, rich media, or anything else — it’s important that you get started planning how to streamline your operations.

With custom server applications from Espresso Moon, you can realize great business tools and applications while reducing the overhead associated with managing your complete server bank.

Our expertise in nearly three dozen programming languages and development environments means we can create a completely customized solution that deploys seamlessly to your company.

Planning is key when you need custom server applications. Call or email Espresso Moon to get our server experts working on your software needs. We handle the complete development and planning process, from initial concept to design, development, testing, and more.

Customized server applications from Espresso Moon will help you capture better productivity and profit through enhanced capabilities. Find out more.

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