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Open Source Software Solutions:

The fastest route to the fast lane.

The key to achieving great things at a minimal price

Are you looking for a way to achieve great things with your new website while still maintaining a cost-effective approach? There often a way for you to get exactly what you want.

Open source software is software that has been released to the public. No proprietary rights can be exercised over the basic source code, but businesses and others are free to develop extensions and derivatives that suit their needs.

At first, the use of this software for an enterprise might seem counterintuitive. Looking more deeply, however, it’s easy to uncover the potential benefits — for your budget and more.

Because the software is available to everyone, it is always evolving and getting better. Some of the best open source projects on the web have a community of literally millions of users and developers.

Look to open source software when you want innovative

It tends to be easier to adapt to your needs than to build a custom and proprietary solution, so you should look at it as a “canvas” for your IT ambitions if you want to maximize savings.

Benefits include:

  • Has minimal cost of ownership thanks to the relatively lax rules around using it.
  • Continuously gets better thanks to developers motivated by improving their craft.
  • Typically becomes secure quickly, since developers focus on exploits and flaws.
  • Can be coupled with business-grade encryption to make it as secure as other solutions.

The perks of using open source software for a business enterprise

At Espresso Moon, our team members are equally well equipped to navigate these solutions. Using the right combination of open source software, we can create fully strategic software solutions for you.

If your enterprise has a limited IT budget, there is no reason to go for proprietary solutions from global corporations if you can create a lean and robust answer to your needs. Espresso Moon can help you save money and achieve your goals.

Talk to our team today and we’ll get started developing the open source “hybrid solution” you need — including the customization that will make it truly perfect for your specific situation.

Don’t delay: A world of great open source software is waiting for you to exploit.

Open source software is the key to achieving amazing benefits for your business at minimal costs. Espresso Moon can help.

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