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Proprietary Desktop Applications:

Sometimes you do have to reinvent the wheel.

Take business to higher competitiveness with custom desktop applications

Have you considered the way your business can improve practically overnight with the right custom desktop software?

It’s true that you should never make a technology investment that does nothing but reinvent the wheel. But what happens when no available solution is right?

It used to take years of work and huge amounts of money to get custom software developed. With Espresso Moon, great custom desktop applications are within reach fast.

Your business is in a market with many competitors, in an industry with established ways of doing things — but your enterprise is unique, and you have unique opportunities.

Proprietary desktop software for business can help you get ahead of your rivals

Our custom desktop applications can help empower your business by giving your workforce the specific tools to help them deal with the market challenges they face.

No matter what platform you use — IBM, Microsoft, mobile, web, or hybrid — or what kind of solution you use, we can design it and deliver it for you.

Some of our areas of expertise include:

  • Business intelligence and customized dashboards.
  • Database development and data mining for business.
  • Statistical applications and “heavy duty” mathematics.
  • Productivity, communication, and collaboration suites.

Customer-facing desktop applications give your brand the chance to shine

Maybe your main area of opportunity is found in your customers. If so, we can deliver what you need. Our experience in a broad range of mobile and emerging platforms means we can develop intuitive, cross-platform desktop solutions.

Your custom solution can be completely “white label” so that you gain the prestige of custom software. Let us help you design and deliver a product that you can be proud of.

There is no “one size fits all” solution when it comes to great desktop applications. Luckily, our team members deliver true experience and knowledge in almost three dozen different languages and software development environments.

Multi-faceted desktop applications approach is what you need

No matter what your vision entails for desktop applications, we can deliver it. Not only do we have a fast development cycle time, but we are also known for some of the strictest quality control in the business.

Plus, we can even port your new desktop application to mobile environments when we’re done — or simply make use of a hybrid approach throughout so the final product is mobile ready.

Send us a note by email or give us a call to talk to one of our software architects today.

Completely customized desktop applications from the Espresso Moon team can energize your workforce and empower your brand in unique, new ways.

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