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Business Process Improvement:

Lower costs, streamline operations and improve results.

Solid counsel backed by deep technology expertise.

Business Process Improvement (BPI) is the discipline of documenting, evaluating and improving business processes either to meet operational mandates, quality standards or regulatory compliance requirements. Simple enough to understand; a little harder to pull off.

We’ve got a couple decades of process optimization and improvement experience, helping global companies streamline operations, meet compliance goals and improve productivity. We can help you craft a successful BPI program, and support your program with solid technology counsel and custom software solutions. And we can design and build systems to measure improvements in productivity, product quality, customer satisfaction and loyalty, employee engagement, efficiency and more.

Process improvement involves three main steps:

  • Evaluating existing processes to understand what works and what doesn’t work, and reconstructing how they got where they are.
  • Re-engineering processes alongside key stakeholders in order to capture new efficiencies.
  • Rolling out the new processes in a stable and effective way, bringing stakeholders on board along the way.

Our goal is to make your processes sleeker, more effective, and more efficient. In practice, that means we look for specific results that determine your program’s effectiveness:

Reduced Costs
Reduced costs are key to any process improvement engagement. Waste is eliminated at every step, making a bottom line difference in direct and indirect expenses.

Improved Morale
Wasteful processes suck the life out of the people who are impacted by them. Process improvement lets you look closely at your priorities and get the most value from your talent pool.

Better Opportunities
Status quo processes often conceal opportunities that have been long overlooked.

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