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Where Strategy Meets Value:

Ideas, apps, brands.

Times are changing; maybe you’ve noticed.

Digital is exploding. Custom software is slashing business process management costs. Mobile apps are connecting field operations to the home office and engaging customers through m-commerce and more. Mobile responsive websites are linking back-end management to customer service, shortening the distance between your brand and their hearts. And we’re helping fuel the revolution.

Espresso Moon is a Houston custom software, mobile app and website development firm offering a unique mix of business process management expertise, strategic brand counsel and brilliant communication design. With outposts in Texas, California, Europe and Vietnam, we’ve served domestic and international clients since 2004, brewing process improvement solutions and custom software applications that reduce costs and drive growth.

Experience? Yep. Our team has broad industry expertise, serious technical depth, numerous certifications and proven strategic vision. We have extensive experience developing SaaS solutions, business critical software, commercially licensed and distributed software, mobile business apps, mobile responsive websites, e-commerce and digital branding.


An Innovative Approach to Ideas, Apps and Brands

Today’s market leader needs a technology team that can uncover the value hidden in the digits. He must knock down boundaries and integrate silos, understanding that brand value is strongest when organizations unite around a central promise. Espresso Moon’s hybrid approach to digital design is the path to achieving your brand goals.

Business Innovation Lab

Our leadership team is made up of recognized experts in business process management, digital and deep web research and strategic development. Our planning and consulting offers integrate business visioning and competitive intelligence with process improvement and quality management to support forward-looking brands.

Digital Development Center

Espresso Moon programmers have created nearly a thousand custom software solutions, web and mobile apps, branded and white-label digital products and powerful business websites. We also bridge the gap between technology and business vision by providing technical support, executive dashboarding, web hosting, application hosting and more.

Brand Design Studio

Design is the connective tissue between brand behavior and brand experience. Our strategic design team provides brand development, corporate image design, marketing counsel, communication design, value language and digital design – integrating message, media and machinery to bring ideas to life.

Espresso Moon LLC

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