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Espresso Moon UI and UX Designer

Andreea Slobodeanu, Digital Designer

Andreea Slobodeanu provides beautiful graphic design and UI design. She is an expert on WordPress development as well as several other web platforms, and builds complex e-commerce stores in WooCommerce. She is accomplished in User Interface (UI) design and User Experience (UX) design for both custom business software and mobile responsive websites. She also designs and develops interfaces for mobile apps in all platforms (Apple iOS, Android and hybrid).

One of Andreea’s greatest assets is her ability work very quickly and stay up late to meet client deadlines. Although she has been part of Espresso Moon since 2007, she doesn’t drink coffee, but does drink chocolate milk. We’ve tried to explain that is not the same thing (unless you call it a double mocha latte, hold the espresso). She bakes delicious artisanal breads every few days and loves hiking.

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