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Espresso Moon Fast Facts:

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Espresso Moon fast facts:








Espresso Moon LLC

15006 Lakewood Forest Drive

Houston, Texas 77070



Other Offices:






Douglas Wheeler, President and Lead Project Architect

Dwayne Bosse, Project Manager

Tim Johnson, Director of Marketing and Creative Services

Scott Blankenship, Sales and Business Development



Global Industries

B2B Service Companies

Academia and Institutions

Nonprofit Orgs

Houston-Area Companies

Online Retailers and B2C

Quality Managers

Compliance Interests

Start-Ups and Entrepreneurs






Questions about Espresso Moon:

Who is Espresso Moon?

Espresso Moon is Houston-based company with offices in Texas, California, Vietnam and Romania, offering custom software development, mobile business apps, website design and digital branding.

Who are Espresso Moon’s clients?

Because any business with a web, technology or branding budget deserves world-class digital support, we don’t focus on any specific market segment. Our clients include global Fortune 500 corporations, local and regional corporations, small businesses throughout America, start-ups and entrepreneurs, compliance and quality management companies and B2B service companies.

What does “Espresso Moon” mean?

Yep, funny name. We know. But while you’re sleeping, we’re pumping in the espresso under the light of the moon, and pumping brilliant solutions out into the digi-sphere. When you’re caffeined up, it makes sense.

Who are Espresso Moon’s subject matter experts and thought leaders?

Our founder, Doug Wheeler, is a software engineer and quality expert with a long, successful career designing business process improvement programs and custom software for critical industries. Our account and project management team is led by Dwayne Bosse, a digital research expert and Scott Blankenship, a seasoned sales executive responsible for selling a half billion dollars worth of IT infrastructure to government agencies. Our digital branding offer is directed by Tim Johnson, a strategic designer with decades of experience in brand and communication design. See our leadership team for more information.

How is Espresso Moon different?

Several ways: First, we’re not focused on providing a limited solution set based on specific technologies or programming languages. We are a technology-agnostic, custom software provider that creates unique, client-owned solutions based on your specific needs. Second, we understand how digital is impacting culture and the economy and offer a broad strategic approach to helping you design the digital future. Third, we integrate brand strategy, communication design and technology to expand your brand’s influence inside and outside your organization. Fourth, our lead project architects are experts in compliance, business process improvement and quality, so we know the issues that industry needs to address with technology.

Can anyone be a client?

In short, yes, although we may not be the ideal solution for certain very small start-ups or “mom and pop” operations. We serve global corporations, local small to medium-sized businesses, institutions and government agencies, industrial concerns, retail businesses, and consultants in many sectors. We work with anyone who needs help leveraging the potential of digital technology.

How does Espresso Moon cultivate talent?

Unlike many US-based development firms, Espresso Moon does not outsource programming or any other functions to overseas developers. While we do have several staff members based overseas, they are all long-term, dedicated employees with high-level expertise, cultivated through close working relationships on critical projects for global clients. We constantly develop talent in a variety of management and technical disciplines to bring a fresh perspective to our evolving market. Interested parties are encouraged to inquire on our website.

Espresso Moon LLC

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