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Wilson Perumal & Company

A Yardstyck™ to measure corporate culture.

Wilson Perumal & Company is a leading global consulting firm based in Texas and focused on enhancing organizational culture to build high-reliability organizations (HROs). One of their key offers was an assessment workshop that provided gap analysis on a range of forty cultural behaviors within client organizations to identify areas for improvement. The workshops were labor-intensive, expensive for client organizations, and only covered a small sample of employee input.

Wilson Perumal Yardstyck Web App Custom Software

Espresso Moon was engaged to create a custom software solution; a web-enabled statistical analysis application to dramatically reduce the time and expense associated with gathering and assessing the data, and make it possible to survey every employee in the client organization, no matter what the size. Espresso Moon performed market research to identify and evaluate competitive products, and subsequently named the custom software Yardstyck. We then designed the product brand identity, and applied the design scheme to UI/UX design for both the outward-facing website and the app itself. Our programmers developed the software with mobile-responsive web user interface and we continue to provide hosting and maintenance.

Yardstyck allows WP&C admins to e-mail invitations employees in any size organization. The invites allow employees to log in on a desktop or mobile device and complete a set of questions that force-rank their opinions about performance in forty different organizational behaviors, in an existing state and an ideal state. The app then produces a gap analysis of the difference between current behaviors and desired behaviors, and gives management a dashboard to view the data set from a variety of perspectives. The gap analysis is used to guide executives in implementing programs to improve performance.

Yardstyck is making significant impact on WP&C’s ability to provide reliable culture assessments and secure consulting engagements in major corporations, and is being hailed as one of the most effective products of its kind. The product is managed through a web-based admin site with multiple permissions for top-level, client-level and user-level access.

Yardstyck is an invitation-based, password-protected app. Espresso Moon can schedule a private demo at your convenience.

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